There were many busses taking cruisers to the ship. We happened to get the oldest one in the fleet.

Alaskan Way is the street that runs along the docks.
From the stern of the ship you can see Seattle's two pro sports stadiums. The one of the left is Qwest Field, home of the NFL Seahawks. On the right is Safeco Field, where the Mariners play in the American League.

A panoramic view of Seattle from the starboard side of the Pool Deck. On the left you can see...

...the Space Needle. It was built for the Seattle World's Fair of 1962. It's certainly more impressive than the Sunsphere left over from the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville.
We had a suite this time around. There is much more room and I might add a better spare bed for me. That couch is a futon.
If nothing else, the price of the suite was worth it for the bathroom. Open the door and you are in the closet with plenty of drawers and hangers. Turn right and you see this. There is a sink on the left and a little make-up counter and a mirror on the right. Go further and there's another room with the toilet and full bath/shower. Compare that to some of the smaller cabins with the bathroom that has the sink, toilet and shower crammed into a space the size of a small walk-in closet.
And of course there was a balcony. Since we were in the fancy-schmancy cabins, we got a bottle of free champagne when we left and a bowl of fruit for most of the cruise.
As with any cruise we had to do the obligatory muster station drill. Stupid Titanic!
This is the entrance to the Seven Seas Dining Room.
The painting over the couch (and my bed) in the cabin was kind of creepy. It's like framed towels used by the Blue Man Group to take off their paint.
From the Pool Deck (on which our cabin was located) down to the Atrium six decks below.
The first day of the cruise was of the inside passage between mainland British Columbia and Victoria Island.
Victoria Island had many snow-capped mountains.

Click here for a boring 19-second video clip of the inside passage. (Since I had plenty of memory card space, I decided to take little videos. They are not very interesting or good, but they are video.)

A panoramic view of the inside passage from the stern.

For those who do not want to dine in one of the main dining rooms, there are several more casual buffets. This is the Garden Cafe, located conveniently on the same deck as our cabin, the Pool Deck.
If you ask me, there's little to do on a ship. It's not my favorite mode of travel. But with all the spare time we had time to play many games. This is my pinochle hand. As you can see I don't have a strong hand for meld. I don't think I bid.
Of course there are organized shipboard activities. This was a quiz. That's my father, seemingly uninterested in the answers. Our team finished in second, with one answer less than the winners.
And then there's the casino for people who like to gamble. I don't, but I did put a few bucks in a video poker machine. I don't know why. It didn't last long.

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