Jeffrey: Good day and welcome to Day 1!

Pablo: Yippee!

J: Oh, it's my imaginary friend Pablo to help me describe my California holiday snaps.

P: Yeah, yeah. Let's get on with it. What is this, a road?

J: Yes, it's the 110 headed southbound toward Orange County. Not a lot of traffic for a Tuesday morning, but I was heading away from downtown. As a side note, I did travel on every road mentioned in "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman. But my rental car didn't come with a big nasty redhead. I think they cost extra.

J: All aboard for a grand circle tour around the Happiest Place on Earth. The Disneyland Main Street Station is smaller than the one in Walt Disney World, but everything is smaller in Disneyland. Since I was coming to California, I had to go to Disneyland. I'm a bit of a Disney nerd.

P: Hmm, a Disney nerd and a band geek. Jeez, did you ever get laid?

J: Er, never mind that. Let's move on.

J: It looks overcast in this photo, but that's just what they call the June gloom. It seems that in the mornings there is a kind of haze that doesn't burn off until late morning. It remained gloomy until about noon.

P: Thanks for the weather report. How about sports?

J: Well actually the U.S. men's soccer team had just played to a draw with South Korea on the Monday morning before I left. Their next match would be Thursday versus winless Poland.

P: I was just being sarcastic about the sports report.

J: Oh.

J: Sleeping Beauty Castle is kind of puny compared to Cinderella Castle in Florida.
J: Look out, it's a hippo!

P: It's a robot.

J: It looks sort of real in the photo.

P: Yeah, well.

J: You're kind of a downer today.

P: I have a toothache.

J: Did I take a trip to the Big Easy? No, I'm in New Orleans Square. There was a nice little Dixieland combo playing for the guests. I had a delicious bowl of steak gumbo at the restaurant on the left.

J: Ooh, scary. It's the Haunted Mansion. In this one, the stretching room takes you underground, unlike its Florida counterpart. Many of the Disneyland rides are below ground. There really wasn't enough space to do otherwise.

J: The Rivers of America. You can see the Mark Twain riverboat, Tom Sawyer's Island and Big Thunder Mountain. Hey Pablo, you've been quiet.

P: I told you. My toof hurtf.

J: The dearly departed Mr. Toad is alive and well in Anaheim. Why they ever got rid of this attraction in WDW, I'll never know.

P: Well, it is about a toad who steals a car, drives recklessly, gets killed by an oncoming train and goes to hell.

J: Exactly, a story for the whole family. What's not to like?

J: The entrance to Mickey's Toontown. This was much better than that Toontown Fair at WDW. There's a fun Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin attraction where you ride in Bennie the Cab. The steering wheel spins the car like the teacups as it move through the ride.
J: Ricolla! The Matterhorn. There's a roller coaster that weaves in and out of the caves of this man-made mountain. Gets up to a pretty good speed too. You can see the June gloom starting to burn off.
J: A bronze-colored Space Mountain. The park was just crawling with obnoxious local high school kids off for the summer. Many were in the queue for this attraction as we waited while the ride was temporarily stopped for about twenty minutes. That was a common theme. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. They was all closed for a time for some reason. I was even stuck in the Haunted Mansion for a few minutes both times I was on that ride. It just added to the disappointing comparison to WDW. It's just not as magical.
J: it's a small world was closed for reparations.

P: It was closed so that black people could get money because their ancestors were slaves?

J: You're on some sort of painkillers, aren't you?

P: Uh-huh.

J: And the day comes to a close with a parade.

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