Santa Monica, Venice and Anaheim

I really wanted to stop by Randy's Donuts and since it was very close to the airport we drove to it and got some delicious donuts. That giant donut on the roof is somewhat of a Los Angeles landmark. You may have seen it on television shows or movies. I know I have. And the donuts are good too.
We had time to kill before we could check in at the hotel and LAX is near the beaches, so we stopped off first at Santa Monica. This is the pier. We did several things that I had done on my previous trip to SoCal and I took some photos of some of the same things, like this one of the Santa Monica pier. Whenever I post a picture that is exactly the same or remarkably close to one I've previously taken, I will give you the following:


Here is the pier from the end looking back toward town. 
It's not really obvious in this picture, but that seagull was massive. One of the biggest I've seen.

The coast was hazy in the morning and temperatures were cool. I couldn't imagine going into the water, but many beachgoers did.
Down the coast from Santa Monica is Venice. It is an enclave of hippie-types (I hate hippies!) and other free-wheeling folks.
Despite the cool temps there were a lot of people out on a Wednesday morning. Don't these people have jobs? Oh yeah, hippies don't have jobs.
I'd make some comment referencing Baywatch, but I never watched it so it's just a lifeguard station. I heard on the news later in the week that there was a toxic waste spill at Venice on this day, but no one really seemed affected.

See? That's the notification of a similar photo. Anyway, this is Muscle Beach with all its exercise equipment. I saw an episode of California's Gold on PBS a few weeks earlier that showed what Muscle Beach used to be like back in the 50's and 60's. It was more like an acrobatics show with people balancing each other and the like.

The walk along the beach is filled with people hocking their hippie wares. Rasta guys selling pictures of Bob Marley from the sidewalk. Shops selling bongs and other paraphernalia. Asian massage establishments (legit, I think).
It would be a nice place if they cleared the riff-raff. I'm sure to the local hippies, we were the riff-raff.
The Howard Johnson's Anaheim is on Harbour Boulevard opposite Disneyland. You can see the monorail track and the Matterhorn right across the street. In the evenings you can clearly see the nightly fireworks from the pool.
After checking in and a bit of a lie down, we headed to the Paradise Pier hotel in Disneyland. I ate at the PCH Grill and enjoyed it on my last visit, so we ate dinner there. One thing was that I ordered a sausage pizza that had chicken sausage on it instead of pork. Brilliant.
Downtown Disney is smaller that its Lake Buena Vista sister. It is located between the original Disneyland park and Disney's California Adventure.
The Grand Californian Hotel is a bit like the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World. The lobbies are quite similar.

If we had an upper floor room on the west side of the tower, we would have had this as our balcony view. This was taken from the exterior stairs. From left to right you can see the Tower of Terror and California Screamin' roller coaster in DCA, and Space Mountain and the Matterhorn in Disneyland.
As it was, this was the view from the balcony of our second floor room on the east side. That is the I-5 freeway. There was a constant noise from the freeway, but for the most part it's pretty quiet in the room. The only sounds you can hear are trucks downshifting and loud motorcycles.

Day 2