Obligatory plane photo.
The plane was there on time but the flight was delayed two hours.

I got to see a few movies I wanted to watch on the trip. On the flight down I watched The Holdovers.
It was because of the possibility of a delayed flight that we flew down to San Juan on Saturday ahead of the cruise departure on Sunday. If we had flown down on Sunday we would have missed the ship as we got in fairly late. This was the hotel we stayed in Saturday night in the Old San Juan section of town.
There was a tall ship docked very close to the hotel. This photo was taken from the balcony of the room.
My sister, Karen, arranged for a private tour of San Juan on Sunday morning to get to see a bit of the city and have something to do before we could board the ship.
We had a guide called Felix who drove us around. This is the Biblioteca Carnegie.
You know how I like different architectural style. Got to see some on our drive. This is Casa de España.
El Capitolio de Puerto Rico.
If I had gotten a chance to wander around, I would have liked to have done so at the old forts.
We did stop momentarily for photos. This was Castillo San Cristóbal, the larges Spanish fort built in the New World.
A sentry box at the fort.
Some of the buildings around Old San Juan were rather colorful.
The other fort is Castillo San Filipe del Morro. We may just get another look at it later.
The Plaza del Quinto Centenario was established in 1992 to celebrate the five hundred years since the Spanish conquest of Puerto Rico.

Tótem Telúrico is a tall sculpture made from broken pieces of ceramic and clay pottery from the Americas, and represents the first meeting between the original native inhabitants of Puerto Rico and the European colonizers.
The Catedral Basilica Menor de San Juan Bautista. It was Sunday morning, so we could see all the good Catholics through the doors as we drove past.  
Many of the cobblestone streets are quite narrow. 
San Juan was a walled city. Here is one of the gates.
Since it was fairly early on a Sunday morning, the streets were not particularly busy. 
Plaza de Armas was one of the original main squares of San Juan. The building with the towers is Alcaldía de San Juan, or the San Juan City Hall.
Jose V. Toledo Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Puerto Rico's first significant federal building.
People getting set up to sell their wares in the plaza.
Old San Juan is actually an island and is where most of the old and more interesting buildings are.