The Denver International Airport looks like a big row of tents.
I have never seen such a long line at a car rental counter. It didn't help that when I arrived there were not enough agents.
My vehicle for the week, a Toyota Highlander. Elevation at Denver International Airport is 5,434 ft.
As I usually do, I landed, picked up the rental and then hit the road out of town.
Often there were snow-capped mountains to be seen.
The road approaching the entry gate to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Since it is also a base, it has the same entry checkpoints as on a regular military base, just a little easier to get into for visitors.
The Barry Goldwater Air Force Academy Visitor Center.
They have an exhibit of what a cadet's dorm room looks like. Doesn't look too bad.
A torah.

The part of the campus with the classrooms, dormitories, etc. was small compared to the overall size of the base. Here is the view from the front of the Visitors Center.
I can't say that I am a fan of the architectural style of the buildings, but it is a much newer school than its Army and Navy counterparts.
This appears to be a cadet quarters building. It is fairly ugly, but I am sure quite functional.
Sadly, the Cadet Chapel is going through a large restoration that started in 2019 and is not scheduled to be completed until 2027. In the meantime, all you get to see is this giant box.
The Honor Court has a lot of statues and sculptures honoring various Air Force things.
From what I saw on the video at the Visitor Center. the cadets have to keep to these line when walking. Not sure what happens when two cadets approach from different directions. Maybe they are one-way?
More straight lines. Elevation at the USAFA is 7,258 ft.
I tried to take a picture of the football stadium, but the places at the closed fences did not offer a view of the field. I had to take this one from a distance just to see the main stand.