This would be my first attempt at holiday snaps. These photos are nowhere near as good as my most recent. There are several reasons for this. First, I was using a little Kodak instamatic, so right off the bat they aren't going to be that good. Second, they were developed at Eckerd or Walgreen or some drug store. I get all my film developed at Wolf now. They are much better. Third, I didn't really have much of a feel for photography. So after an introduction like that, who wouldn't want to proceed?

We set sail from the Port of Miami on the S.S. Norway. It was one of the last of the grand old liners, formerly named the S.S. France. It would be two days before we got to the islands, so on day one I decided to get a little sun. I was sure to bring some sunblock. I'm not stupid enough to lay on deck without protection. However, I am apparently stupid enough not to reapply often enough because I burned like a English tourist. I don't mean just a little pink. I was severely burned. Six days of terrible pain were to follow.

This is Sint Maarten or Saint Martin, depending on which side of the island you are on. It's one little island in the Caribbean that two European nations, France and the Netherlands, both claim part of. Seems kind of silly. The ship docked off the shore of Philipsburg on the southern Dutch side. This is a shot from the ship. It was on the dock at Philipsburg waiting to get back on board the ship where I bought a bootleg tape of music by a fellow called Poser. This was my introduction to the infectious Caribbean carnival music known as soca.
This is pretty much the entrance into the town of Marigot, which I believe is the governmental seat of the French side. There were shops and fishing boats and stuff like that. Because of my unfortunate tanning mishap, I was keeping in the shade as much as possible.
A view from Marigot of Simpson Bay Lagoon and surroundings. The land in the distance, which includes a small airport, is on the Dutch side. The French side has its own. Good thing those two countries don't go to war. Could get ugly on this little speck of land. Then again, it is the laid back Caribbean. The islanders would probably just sit it out.
A Texaco in Marigot. I don't know French, but I think that rhymes.
This is underwater sea vegetation.
This is boat wreckage. Not some historic wreck. Just some small craft.
A diver and some tropical fish. These three photos were taken from a tourist boat with windows situated below the waterline. I don't remember if it was completely submersible or just a really deep boat.

Back on the ship and on to St. John