Working from home, it was easy to pack the car and be ready to head out at noon for my half-day Friday.

I had bought a phone car mount that clips on the lip on the dashboard. It works great and I took a lot of photos from the phone on the road.
Like this one. A week before my trip, the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi River was closed due to structural damage. So all traffic was forced onto I-55, causing quite a backup approaching the bridge. Traffic on the bridge was not too bad though. On the other side I noticed bumper to bumper traffic at a crawl for many miles. I would have to make sure I avoided that on my way back.
It would be a long way from Nashville to Oklahoma, so I split the drive in half, stopping in Little Rock for the night.
There must have been a hen party or something going on. I parked next to this car. I don't think I've ever seen anyone asking for money by writing on the car windows.

I don't see the big deal. I've had the same penis forever.
The room was fine except for the shower. There was a fair sized piece of porcelain missing with rusty metal exposed. And the shower pressure was not great.
The hotel is a convention center as well. Given the pandemic, they weren't really doing any convention business, so it looked kind of creepy with the large empty shared spaces.
I was going to head back out to find dinner, but I found that this place was located in the building. I had a nice margherita flatbread pizza while watching the NCAA men's soccer tournament on the television.
That night I realized I forgot to pack t-shirts to sleep in, so I went to a nearby Walmart the next morning to pick up a couple. It is Arkansas, so finding a Walmart was not a problem.
And then back on the road.
Driving west on I-30 I saw a sign for Hope. I figured there must be some Bill Clinton thing there so I got off the exit and did a quick Google search. This is Bill Clinton's boyhood home. It was fairly early in the morning, so it was not yet open.

Just think. It was in one of the bedrooms of this house where a young Bill Clinton started playing with himself.
I wasn't going to do anything in Texas, but the route took me into it for a little stretch.
Okay, I did do something in Texas. I visited the restroom in this rest area.
Out of Texas, across the Red River and into Oklahoma.
First stop was the Museum of the Red River in Idabel.
It's a small museum, but compared to some others on the trip was practically the Smithsonian. They have a skeletal reconstruction of acrocanthosaurus found nearby.
They seem to have a fairly large collection of things that is behind glass. I have no bloody idea what these heads are but from left to right they look frightened, dumb and surprised.
Lots of bowls.
And baskets for days!
From the description of this Olmec carved greenstone from 1500-500 BCE:

This stone marker, depicting a warrior figure, has been analyzed by two independent labs. Both concluded that the preponderance of evidence supports its antiquity and probable attribution. There are no modern tool signatures, the patination of the surface appears to have occurred naturally, and there is no residue from contemporary grinding or polishing compounds.