Left Nashville at 6:00 a.m. It was a fairly foggy morning as you can see. This is somewhere in Kentucky I think.
Crossing the river into St. Louis.
I was going to see several places on this trip, some big and some small. This is on the way to one that is small.
It is the small Missouri town called Marceline.
I'm sure there might be other things Marcelinians (Marcelites?) can be proud of, but their favorite son is surely Walt Disney. This is the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, the former railroad station.
In 1966, after the Midget Autopia ride closed in Disneyland, the ride was donated to the city of Marceline. It was reconstructed in Walt Disney Municipal Park. This is one of the original cars.
This was Walt's desk when he was in school.
If I remember correctly, the smaller WD is where Walt carved his initials into the desk. I don't know who the other WD is.
This is part of the original track of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad that Walt built at his house in California. He had a thing about trains. It's probably the reason the museum is located in the old train station.
Vintage Mickey Mouse dolls.
Walt and Roy came back to Marceline to dedicate the Walt Disney Swimming Pool and Park.