This page should have had more pictures on it, but thanks to the stupidity of American Airlines it does not.

I connected through DFW and the flight to Billings was supposed to have left at 9:20 a.m. If we had, all would have been fine. At that time, there were no other planes ahead of us waiting to take off and the inclement weather was still hours away. However, we did not leave just then and we were then behind a dozen other planes in line. None of the other planes were moving. The pilot told us that there was only one runway operating, so we would be waiting a while. We finally got moving and we were at one point the next to leave but we took a turn and headed back to the gate. It turns out that had we taken off, the co-pilot would have timed out before he would have returned to DFW from Billings so he could not leave. Then why the hell let him leave the gate? Anyway, as we waited for a replacement cockpit crew the sky grew dark and severe weather came.
Once we got back on the plane after the storms passed, we sat for a little longer while paperwork was completed and the plane was checked for damage. While we waited, we saw through the windows the luggage being removed from the plane. The pilot told us that was an error, but later admitted that the flight had actually been cancelled but because the flight attendants (a different crew than we started with because they also timed out) agreed to work extra hours we were allowed to actually leave. So the luggage was reloaded, taking more time, but we eventually took off. What was a scheduled 9:20 a.m. departure turned into a 5:00 p.m. departure, all because we didn't leave when there was no traffic ahead of us and the airline let the plane leave the gate with a pilot who should not have left.
This is a picture of the poor people waiting in Billings for their flight to Dallas to finally arrive. 
I got a Ford Escape as a rental. It was new and only had 1665 miles on it. It would be returned with significantly more.
So rather than drive to a couple of places that afternoon, all I was left with that day was to check in and find dinner.
I looked ahead of time for places to eat and decided that this place might be good. It is also a cider mill.
Being a cider drinker, it was a natural choice. I had the Flathead Cherry cider and a delicious Indian bison taco.
Last Chance Pub is located on Montana Avenue, a historic area located along the railway line. There are lots of restaurants located here.