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Team Photos

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Player Photos

Gordon Banks vs. New York Cosmos

Colin Fowles vs. New York Cosmos

George Dewsnip

David Chadwick

Ron Newman

Roberto Aguirre vs. New York Cosmos

Gordon Banks, George Best and Ian Turner

David Irving vs. New England Tea Men

Ray Hudson

George Best, Gerd Müller and Teofilo Cubillas

Teofilo Cubillas, George Best and Maurice Whittle

Gerd Müller vs. Chicago Sting

George Best

Gerd Müller vs. Chicago Sting

Francisco Marinho vs. Rochester Lancers

Arsene Auguste vs. New York Cosmos

Jan van Beveren

Ray Hudson and Eduardo Bonvallet

Colin Fowles vs. New York Cosmos

Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer

Branko Segota

Jan van Beveren

Keith Weller vs. Atlanta Chiefs

Ken Fogarty vs. New York Cosmos

Ray Hudson and team

Bob Bolitho

Jan van Beveren

Ernst Jean-Batiste

Robert Meschbach

Thomas Rongen

Teofilo Cubillas
(Thank you Nene and Cristian for the signed photo)

Strikers on cover of soccer publications

George Best
Soccer Digest 1978

George Best
Soccer America 1979

Teofilo Cubillas
Kick Magazine 1980
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Gerd Müller
Soccer Digest 1980
cubillas.jpg (20054 bytes)
Teofilo Cubillas
Soccer Digest 1981

Brian Kidd
Kick Magazine 1982

Ray Hudson
Kick Magazine 1982
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Jan van Beveren
Soccer Digest 1983

Teofilo Cubillas
Kick Magazine 1983

Strikers Stuff

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Striker Liker button and bumper sticker

pibb_ticket.jpg (11063 bytes)
This coupon for a free Mr. Pibb from a Lockhart concession stand
was included in the Striker Liker Club season ticket package

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1981 season ticket application and pocket schedule

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Program for international friendlies
Strikers at Stockport County                                       Strikers at Norwich City
February 6, 1978                                                 September 30, 1981
Strikers 4 - 2 Stockport County                                    Strikers 2 - 2 Norwich City

It was not a Happy Hanukkah for Striker Likers in 1983
when we saw this headline in the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel on December 1st.